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  • New Members:
    • Welcome new members Mirlinda & Bernie Veliovski - 62 Mill Lake Trail.
  • Important notes:

    • Members were reminded of the following:
      • that the clearing of brush along our roads is every member’s responsibility and, as such, are encouraged to keep the ditches and roads in front of their properties clear of brush and other obstructions.
      • that parking on association roads is not permitted during the winter.
      • that winter plowing is usually carried out between 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., and, if a second pass is required, between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
      • that the gravel pile at the end of Turtle Bay Rd. is for association use only.
      • to drive their vehicles carefully on our roads; especially where sight lines are limited.
      • when dragging any cut trees and/or brush into the woods, to do so well away from our road edges and road ditches.

    • If you suspect that Blue-Green Algae is in our lake, you should contact Public Health
      (70 Joseph St., Suite 302, Parry Sound; 705-746-5801; contact@heathunit.ca)
      who will investigate.

    • NOTE: The Municipality of McDougall free resident dumping
      at McDougall Road landfill has been cancelled.

    • Members are advised that the Association and its Executive are not associated with,
      nor use as a means of communication, a Facebook site (called "Mill Lake Ontario Cottage Owners Group")
      that was produced privately by one of our members.
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    Mill Lake Village was developed in two phases. Until addresses were assigned to each property for purposes of 911
    in 1998, all properties were known by their phase/lot number.
    -- The original subdivision surveys for what would become Mill Lake Village were done in 1969. The subdivision plan was
            registered in 1970.Lots were sold through the 1970's.
    -- The Mill Lake Village Cottagers Association was formed in 1972 and incorporated in 1978 - MLVCA bylaws
    -- The village roads were officially deeded over to the Mill Lake Village Cottagers Association in the early 1980's with a grant of
            ten thousand dollars from the original developer; seeding a fund for future maintenance. It has remained a private road
            ever since.
    -- The first phase now known as Fire Routes 204 and 204A.
            As of Oct 22, 2008 Fire Route 204 will become Mill Lake Trail and Route 204A l becomes Deer Valley Lane
    -- The second phase now known as Fire Routes 204B,C,D,E
            As of Oct 22, 2008 Fire Route 204B becomes Turtle Bay Road , Fire Routes 204C and D
            becomes respectively Eagle Ridge Lane and Loon Crescent.
    -- IMPORTANT 911 call NOTE:
            Residents of 'Turtle Bay Road' should reference McDougall to avoid confusion with a road of the same name in Seguin


                           Plant hardiness zone 5b           

    The village is located south of highway 124, approximately 2Km from highway 400/69
    off the Burnside Bridge Road in the Municipality of McDougall, District of Parry Sound.


    The MLVCA association is incorporated and is entrusted with maintaining the shared property of MLVCA.
    principally the road network and adjacent property. The association represents approximately 60 cottage
    properties along the Mill Lake Great Arm west of the Burnside Bridge.

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